About our company

The history of our company took place when a tea house was founded by Mr. Wan Lee in Hong Kong in 1883. Our company follows old traditions of tea culture. We thoroughly select the best suppliers in China, Taiwan and Japan which are mostly designated for the domestic tea markets. We are paying the highest prices to receive only the best sorts.
Our company has been wholesaling tea for about 130 years all over the world. Among our customers there are Chinese communities and restaurants, tea clubs and embassies. In 2016 we launched an online store to give customers all over the world an opportunity to buy our tea. Our company is based in Hong Kong, and our location gives us a unique opportunity of free delivery all over the world within 5 days.


Our English name comes from the times of Hong Kong originating. We were very proud to name our company after the first Chinese tea house based in Hong Kong. The Chinese name sounds like “Pacific Tea”, except for the written name we use the character “泰”, that has a meaning of “superior”, the best of everything. The second character means “tea”. It was always our main goal to have only the best tea, no matter how high the price is.


We purchase tea only in auctions, where only the best kinds of tea are listed. These auctions allow the farmers to gain the highest reward for their work. Every year the price difference between high quality tea and normal tea is growing, because more and more farmers find it easier to produce simple kinds of tea for export and mass market. In order to grow the kind of tea that is worth to be listed in an auction, a lot of hand work is required, as well as knowledge and compliance with procedures of watering and harvesting, many factors depend upon the weather and a little luck. We are happy to have an opportunity to sell only authentic Chinese tea, the taste of which did not change for the last 900 years.


We love tea and want to sell the best tea around the world. We are proud of the tea tradition in China, and we believe that a good tea likes a good wine. We are dreaming to show people the difference between an ordinary tea and the best tea. We love farmers and their old farms handed down from generation to generation, we want to motivate farmers to grow tea in the classical tradition, using only spring water, natural fertilizers and manual labor, as it was the last 900 years.